Villa Lagoon Tile Terrazzo Slabs

Amid the resurgence of new mid-century modern residential and commercial construction and renovations, Villa Lagoon Tile launches its new 24-inch Hand-Crafted Terrazzo Tile Slabs. The one-of-a-kind tile slabs showcase the exceptional skills of Villa Lagoon Tile’s artisans, who incorporate marble chips, glass, shells, natural stones, or other materials to produce striking effects.

The large-format tile slabs are available in 16 patterns, including six new colorways—Cane (shown above), Dorsoduro, Pompano, Palm Springs, Sedona, and Venezia. Villa Lagoon Tile also offers customized 24-inch Terrazzo Tile Slabs for a more personalized space.

As with all of the company’s hand-crafted Terrazzo, the 24-inch Tile Slabs are versatile and suitable for all residential and commercial applications, including indoor, outdoor and wet areas. The cement tiles are made to last: there is no printed-on color here. Like natural stone, each cement tile is unique with slight color variations, the sign of an artisan-made product. Installing cement tiles is similar to installing natural stone, with tighter grout lines and the use of a sealant after the tiles are set.

Pricing for the 24-inch Hand-Crafted Terrazzo Tile Slabs starts at $59 per piece. To learn more —or to order 6×6 samples — visit here.

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Photo credit: Villa Lagoon 

Published: May 5, 2024
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