The new series of ultra-low volume flushing technology products includes two new flush plate styles.

Viega LLC launches a new series of ultra-low volume flushing technology products including two new award-winning flush plate styles. The Viega 1.2 / 0.7 gpf in-wall Eco plus WC Carriers are available for use with Viega Visign flush plates, with either manual or touchless trigger. The reduced flush carriers are designed for greater water conservation and come in 2-by-4 and 2-by-6-ft. sizes. The Viega 1.2 / 0.7 gpf Eco plus WC Carriers feature steel powdercoated frame construction and can be mounted in wood or metal studs, directly onto the wall or with mounting rails.

The Visign for More 105 and Visign for More 105 Sensitive flush plates are made from premium materials, such as chrome-plated metal and glass. The Visign for More 105 features smooth, dual-volume flush technology by using a Bowden cable unit.

The Visign for More 105 Sensitive flush plates feature hygienic, fingerprint-free surfaces that are smooth and easy to clean. To trigger full or reduced flushing, users simply wave a hand across the flush plate. The touch-free activation means the flush plates feature no raised buttons, making them unobtrusive with an on-wall construction height of only 1/4 inches. They are available in hardwire or battery options. The new Visign for Style Sensitive flush plate has a luminescent design on the front for flush activation even in the dark. Viega Visign also features hardware and connection accessories for WC drain connection and adjustments, including a height adjustment connection set, offset tolerance adjustment, drain in white, inlet in white and a 45-degree waste elbow.

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