TOTO Touchless Faucets

Seven of the brand's new smart-sensor faucets are winners of awards for design excellence.

TOTO introduces nine new Touchless Faucets. Seven of the brand’s new smart-sensor faucets are winners of the Red Dot or iF international awards for design excellence, and one is the winner of the Best of KBIS, Best of Bath Gold Award. The company also introduces two new Touchless Soap Dispensers. These new smart-sensor faucets are available with an Ecopower or electric platform and a flow rate of 0.5 or 0.35 gallons per minute. TOTO’s new Standard R and Standard S models are also available with a 1.0 gpm flow rate.

New faucets include:

Gooseneck: With its elegant high arc spout characterized by graceful lines reminiscent of flowing water’s beauty, TOTO’s Gooseneck Touchless Faucet offers Soft Flow. This TOTO water technology precisely balances individual streams of water to gently caress the skin with virtually no splash. The translucent water streams are beautiful and visually pleasing.

Libella: Classically modern with a clean, uncomplicated look, TOTO’s Libella Touchless faucet’s highly original design features a linear motif and a substantial body, with softened edges to produce highly expressive shadows.

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Axiom: TOTO’s Axiom Touchless Faucet’s angular design blends well with linear architectural restroom designs. The faucet’s angular spout tapers the tip with its concealed nozzle, giving the spout design a sense of lightness counterpoised with its angular body’s sense of volume.

Helix: TOTO’s Helix Touchless Faucet’s design offers the timeless sophistication found in elegant simplicity. Its slender body’s height provides a sense of refinement, while the gently straightened spout emphasizes its contemporary design. This smooth, sleek faucet design complements myriad restroom environments and is easy to clean.

Standard R: Winner of the 2021 iF Design Award, TOTO’s Standard R Touchless Faucet design is characterized by a graceful, gently curving spout that invokes a deep appreciation of the simplicity of organic form. Its simple, clean-line aesthetic speaks to the best in contemporary design. The Standard R Touchless Faucet offers TOTO’s proprietary EWATER+ technology. This smart-sensor faucet automatically mists the lavatory with electrolyzed water, a well-known cleaning agent, which reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. EWATER+ is produced from ordinary tap water by electrolyzing its chloride ions. It is free of added chemicals, detergents, or harsh cleaning agents. Over time, EWATER+ returns to its original state as ordinary tap water.

Standard S: Winner of the 2021 iF Design Award, the Standard S Touchless Faucet’s minimalist design combines a square spout and cylindrical body to complement many styles. The spout’s inclined tip gives it a sleek, sophisticated look while keeping the nozzle concealed.

The design concepts for TOTO‘s new GE, GC, and GM Touchless Faucets capture Japan’s aesthetic essence as cultivated over the ages. These new smart-sensor faucets exemplify Japan’s craft traditions of creating original forms by converting this cultural inspiration into an array of one-of-a-kind faucet designs with a global appeal.

Standard R and Standard S Touchless Soap Dispensers are also available and provide hands-free operation with foaming soap for a hygienic handwashing experience. A micro-sensor in the body ensures accurate hand detection, while the auto-purge cycle prevents soap from clogging the spout.

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