The steam bath equipment manufacturer has announced upgrades to its ThermaTouch controller.

ThermaSol, the manufacturers of steam bath equipment, has announced upgrades to the ThermaTouch controller. ThermaTouch 8.0 is the next step in the continuing evolution of ThermaSol’s mission to make the bath and steam shower experience as personally enjoyable and individually controlled as possible.

ThermaTouch is ThermaSol’s 7-in. in-shower LCD touchscreen controller. It allows the user to access and personalize all aspects of their home spa environment from steam duration, temperature setting and individual presets to Tranquility, a new visualization and sound effect experience used in conjunction with the new Serenity Light, Sound Rain Head. With the high-resolution 7-in. LCD touchscreen, options and adjustment menus are displayed in vivid graphics and images, making the user interface simple and intuitive. ThermaTouch includes built-in Infrared Temperature Sensing (ITS) and Bluetooth, which enables users to pair their own Bluetooth media device so they can enjoy music anywhere in the bath space.

With version 8.0, ThermaTouch has become an integrated APP store, featuring live TV, news, weather, video content, music and more. With its fully waterproof design, ThermaTouch can be installed anywhere: a shower or bathing area as well as a patio or other wet space. Because ThermaTouch has Wi-Fi capabilities, users will automatically receive any updates to the software right to the controller, the same way they receive updates to their smartphones.

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Posted in: Bath Technology

Published: November 9, 2017
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