Sonoma Forge Kitchen & Bath Drains

The company presents a selection of coordinating drains for the kitchen and bath.

Sonoma Forge is renowned for its industrial-inspired faucets and fixtures that are hand-forged to create a beautifully raw and rustic effect. Because coordinating accessories are essential for completing their coveted trademark look, the company presents a selection of coordinating drains for the kitchen and bath. While emulating Sonoma Forge’s aesthetic, the drains were designed to retain functionality and performance. Plus, the products are available in custom finishes to coordinate with the company’s unique faucets.

Sonoma Forge’s drain offerings include:

  • Shower drains: These handsome drains are reminiscent of industrial grates, with a solid, forged look and nickel-bronze tops. The ADA-compliant drains come in 4-in. square, 5-in. square, 6-in. square, 4-in. round and 6-in. round.
  • Bathroom lavatory drains: Sonoma Forge offers a flip-top drain that is stylistically engraved with the brand’s water wheel logo; there’s a soft-touch drain and a grid drain available.
  • Bar drains: Sonoma Forge’s collection of bar drains come with or without a drain basket for catching food waste and debris.
  • Kitchen drains: Several models are available for different sink applications, including a drain and strainer with turn-and-drop seal stopper.
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Posted in: Bath

Published: September 7, 2021
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