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Quantica by Adriano Rachele is a lighting project that represents the maximum expression of the importance of the relationship between human beings and luminous objects. 

As part of Entangled Light, the new chapter in lighting brand Slamp’s vision, designer Adriano Rachele has conceived Quantica, a lighting project that represents the maximum expression of the importance of the relationship between human beings and luminous objects. 

With its dense, complex mesh, Quantica is a light installation that evokes the system of frequencies and vibrations in which we live, described as “Entanglement” by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, and indicates a correlation between particles that can appear – after separation – even at enormous distances.

As science teaches us, everything is energy. An object not only emits its own frequencies but is also affected by those emitted by other bodies near and far. These interactions, which transcend space and time, form an interconnected system of frequencies in which each being is correlated with another to create a single intricate energy network.

Like all of the brand’s creations, Quantica is also made by hand in the Slamp atelier by the Ladies who tailor Light, who this time use a technique reminiscent of traditional Tuscan leatherwork, resulting in an inimitable product of the highest quality.

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Their “know-how” is based on artisanal experience, synonymous with Made in Italy, through which flexible material is transformed to obtain a unique and suggestive result. 

Quantica’s complex design is possible thanks to the versatility of technopolymers, materials used in all production by the company, which has always combined sartorial skill and innovation. Unbreakable and lightweight Opalflex sheets are folded and woven together – reaching a total length of 65 meters in the 75cm diameter version and 115 meters in the 120cm version – to form a geometric pattern inspired by baroque decorations.

Quantica develops on two levels of depth — the strips from the outside bend inwards and vice versa, creating in the space a decorative motif that converges towards the heart of the installation — a golden ring that absorbs the light and recirculates it through the dense lattice.

The finishing on the strips, white on one side and gold on the other, creates unexpected visual effects, reminiscent of the reflections on the sea during sunset. The refined gold weave, obtained with a foil applied to the Opalflex,  gives the surface a textile quality. 

In Quantica, light converses with form, giving rise to a dense and lush sculpture for residential and contract spaces. Harmonious forms and light technology merge in an object with a strong emotive charge.

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Published: July 6, 2023
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