Sherwin-Williams introduces the Minwax Performance Series for interior wood-staining projects.

Sherwin-Williams is making interior wood-staining projects fast and easy by introducing Minwax Performance Series, an extension of the Minwax products, along with a redesigned color palette and interior stain design center.

The new Minwax Performance Series, an extension of the Minwax family of products, includes three staining solutions: Tintable Wood Stain, Fast-Dry Varnish and Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer. The new line, updated color palette and the ability to tint custom colors are only available at Sherwin-Williams stores and are part of a new interior stain design center.

An updated 48-color palette is now available for both the new Minwax Performance Series Tintable Wood Stain and Minwax Water-Based Tintable Wood Stain. Combining classic selections and modern additions, the new palette makes it simple to choose the right color for any interior staining project. 

While conventional stains are only available in prepackaged colors, the new Minwax Performance Series Tintable Wood Stain can be tinted in a wide array of colors, allowing for the ultimate design flexibility. In addition to the 48-color palette, the product is available in custom and stain-matched hues. It can also be recoated in two to six hours, compared with 18 to 24 hours for conventional stains. The thicker formula provides a long-lasting finish and causes less dripping, saving time on clean-up. Tintable Wood Stain is also available in a lower VOC version.

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Dry to the touch in 30 minutes, Minwax Performance Series Fast-Dry Varnish provides a rich, amber finish to seal and protect projects. The varnish allows the true texture of the wood to show through, preserving its unique character. It is also formulated for an industry-leading three-hour recoat time, making it possible to finish projects in one day. The Minwax Performance Series Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer can be applied between the stain and varnish, and sands quickly and easily after just one hour to give projects a smoother finish in less time.

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Published: September 28, 2018
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