Seletti 4 Ceramica Bardelli Tiles (R)evolution

The Seletti 4 Ceramica Bardelli capsule collection Tiles (R)evolution consists of floor and wall tiles with high-impact aesthetic proposals. 

Seletti 4 Ceramica Bardelli is the result of a collaboration between Seletti’s figurative design and Ceramica Bardelli’s expertise in ceramics. The outcome is the capsule collection Tiles (R)evolution, which consists of floor and wall tiles with high-impact aesthetic proposals. 

This unprecedented artistic collaboration, which represents a revolution in the world of decorative surfaces, brings together two Italian excellences — the technological innovation and the formal and aesthetic research of the Ceramica Bardelli Group and the disruptive approach to interior design of Seletti. 

The collection, made of high-quality materials, is composed of five lines – Distorsion, Diamond, Black&White, Elements 1 – Nuvole and Elements 2 – Acqua – that translate into an unconventional pattern with a contemporary soul to create engaging and surprising spaces. 

Distortion is a porcelain stoneware tile with a super-matte finish thanks to no-reflex glazes. The tile’s patterns and geometries reinterpret Seletti’s iconic black and white pattern, drawing inspiration from the imagery of Maurits Cornelis Escher and the paradoxical perspectives, hypnotic patterns, and perceptual short-circuits characteristic of his works.

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Diamond is a three-dimensional monoporous ceramic tile available with a glossy finish — in white, black, orange, mustard and red — and in glass with a mirror finish in the Mirror version. The 10×40 cm size of the Diamond line makes it possible to imagine modular coverings for spaces with a contemporary soul but also for more classic spaces thanks to the iconic diamond pattern that evokes a retro look and vintage atmospheres.

Black&White is a mosaic, in single firing with a glossy and matte finish, which expresses the consolidated expertise of Ceramica Bardelli in imagining solutions that allow to overcome the traditional boundaries of decoration combined with the visionary approach of Seletti. The line, which is characterized by a play of black and white with infinite combinations of creativity, is available in a kit consisting of 12 sheets (each measuring 30×30 cm) that makes it possible to create a wall measuring 140×240 cm. The resulting compositions impart a unique texture that works on clear-cut shapes but also on rounded surfaces by covering them like a fabric. 

Elements is a series in which nature and its elements water and clouds are the protagonists. Thanks to the large 60×120 cm format of the tiles (which can be combined with A+B patterns and are made using high added-value “third-fire” digital printing technologies), it is possible to create immersive spaces, bringing the magic of the outside world into interiors. Walking on a blue sky dotted with soft clouds or feeling surrounded by crystal-clear water thus becomes possible: perception is overturned, radically transforming interior spaces.

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