SapienStone Balance Collection

With the Balance collection, SapienStone explores a material universe created through the mixing of precious and colored soils ideal for creating a refined kitchen ambience inspired by the fascination of nature. Balance brings with it a unique soul that manifests itself through a tactile and vibrant surface, far removed from the two-dimensionality of smooth materials, giving the surface a resin/cement effect that meets contemporary design requirements.

Colours play a fundamental role in defining the atmosphere and style of a kitchen. The Balance collection ranges from earthy, neutral tones inspired by natural landscapes such as Marsala Red, Nude and Ochre, to bolder colors such as Chester Green and Steel Blue, perfect for those who want to add a touch of vibrancy. Balance offers a diverse palette to suit every style and preference, also meeting the needs of those who prefer more neutral shades (Ivory, Light Grey, Nude, Azure).

Photo credit: SapienStone

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Published: May 4, 2024
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