Saniflo SANIACCESS2 Above-Floor Plumbing

The SANIACCESS2 above-floor macerating plumbing system handles sink and toilet fixtures in powder room applications.

The SANIACCESS2 above-floor macerating plumbing system from SFA Saniflo U.S.A. handles sink and toilet fixtures in powder room applications and comes equipped with two access panels that allow for easy internal service. Periodic maintenance can be accomplished quickly and easily without having to disconnect the unit from the fixtures it is serving.

Two service panels provide direct access to different segments of the macerating unit, allowing easy inspection and servicing of all major components. Through one opening, an installer or service contactor can access the electrical components, as well as the pumpʼs level-sensor mechanism. The second panel provides ready access to the basket area around the macerating blades for easy removal of any large objects that may have been accidentally flushed.

Other Features:

Accommodates a half bath: Using the 1½-in. inlets located on either side of the macerator, which double as possible vent connections, the SANIACCESS2 can handle wastewater from toilets and sinks.

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Powerful cutting action: Water and waste entering the macerator are quickly reduced to slurry by stainless-steel blades that rotate at 3600 rpm (revolutions per minute). The centrifugal force drives the reduced solids through a grill to an impeller mounted beneath the pump motor, which then ejects the effluent through discharge piping connected to the top of the macerator.

Connects easily: The SANIACCESS2 discharges effluent through a ¾-in.-diameter pipe, usually made of PVC, which connects to the main plumbing system in a home. The macerator has a vertical pumping distance of up to 15 feet when installed below the sewer line; and nearly 150 feet horizontally – or a lesser combination of these two distances. An integral check valve on the discharge pipe conveniently rotates 360-degrees without any special tools to accommodate different installations.

Operates quietly: Sound-absorbing “silent blocks,” made of rubber and strategically placed around the motor and at the base of the SANIACCESS2, reduce the amount of vibration transmitted through its walls to outside surfaces. Anti-vibration studs at the bottom of the macerator lift the unit slightly above the floor, further reducing the transmission of vibrations. The end result is the quietest macerator on the market, with a noise level nearly 10 decibels less than that of the older above-floor plumbing systems – or comparable to that of a conventional toilet re-filling.

The SANIACCESS2 ships fully preassembled and ready for installation directly behind the rear-outlet toilet that is available with the macerator. If the home or building owner prefers to conceal the unit behind a finished wall, an 18-in. extension pipe for making the macerator-toilet connection is available. 

As with other Saniflo above-floor macerating products, the SANIACCESS2 permits the creation of a new powder room in virtually any space that lacks below-floor drainage and where conventional plumbing would be impractical. Walls and floors remain intact, and installation is accomplished quickly and economically with minimal disturbance to room layout. The system can be fully operational in as little time as a half-day.

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