Samuel Heath

The LMK collection is the latest range of bathroom fittings including faucets, shower controls and accessories to be introduced by U.K. Manufacturer Samuel Heath. Inspired by the simplified forms and functional efficiency redolent of the Bauhaus era, LMK consists of two distinctive collections, Pure and Industrial.

In LMK Pure, Samuel Heath has created a well-balanced range, which builds on the foundations of its existing Fairfield and Style Moderne collections. Minimal embellishment and balanced proportions give LMK Pure a clean, concise appearance, whilst exquisite detail provides the distinctive styling essential to luxury bathroom design. LMK Industrial offers a modern interpretation of the values and styles inspired by the rational functionalism of Bauhaus. The collection marries bold proportions with beautiful form, completed by machine detailing on selected areas of the fittings to create a contemporary, urban style with a practical, highly tactile finish. In keeping with the modern vogue for metallic, LMK Pure and LMK Industrial are available in a range of matte and high-gloss finishes, including the new urban brass and stainless steel/matte black chrome, plus city bronze, chrome plate and polished nickel.

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Posted in: Bath

Published: November 28, 2016
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