Samsung Bespoke AI Cooking Appliances

Samsung believes AI should go beyond products to simplify daily life. In addition to being beautifully designed to elevate the look and feel of your home, our 2024 Bespoke AI appliances leverage powerful connectivity, advanced AI technology and seamless screen experiences to take the work out of cooking, cleaning and doing laundry and maximize the benefits of living in a smart home.

A cohesive design aesthetic and convenient connectivity deliver an intuitive and integrated cooking experience:


Bespoke Slide-In Induction Range with 7” AI Home LCD Display

Price: $3,399

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  • Samsung’s sleek and elegant range raises the bar for the entire induction category with a sophisticated knob-less design, flat panel exterior and recessed oven door handle that elevate your entire kitchen aesthetic.
  • The range’s stunning Ambient Edge Lighting makes it easy to see the controls and provides visual cues to let you know when your food is done or when it detects an issue, such as a slightly ajar oven door. When your oven isn’t in use, Ambient Edge Lighting is perfect for creating mood lighting in your kitchen at night.
  • The range’s Anti-Scratch Matte Glass Cooktop is beautiful, easy to clean and durably designed for everyday use. Samsung’s Anti-Scratch Glass is 54% more scratch-resistant than traditional cooktop glass.
  • The 7” AI Home LCD Display and built-in Voice Control capabilities enable effortless control of both your range and other connected smart Samsung appliances. Adjust the heat settings of the induction cooktop with just a few taps and select oven settings from its easy-to-read menu of options. AI Home also works in tandem with SmartThings to analyze your preferences with an AI algorithm and display personalized recipe recommendations on its screen while you’re cooking.
  • A built-in Smart Oven Camera and Wi-Fi connectivity offer added cooking convenience.
    • Check the status of your food without opening the oven door or even being in the kitchen – just pull up the camera’s interior view on your phone to see how dinner is progressing.
    • Or use Samsung’s new Picture-in-Picture feature to pop up live-stream footage of your food directly on your Samsung TV.
    • Preheat your oven, adjust cook time and temperature and monitor your cooktop using the SmartThings app.
    • The oven camera can also be used to record time-lapse footage that’s perfect for social media foodie content.
  • The 4.3kW induction cooktop range delivers powerful heat with precise control, letting you cook dishes efficiently and evenly. The heating elements provide a range of power levels, rapidly going to high heat for searing meat and boiling water in a flash.
  • The Bespoke Slide-In Induction Range is the first Samsung induction range to receive an ENERGY STAR rating in the U.S.
  • Available in Stainless Steel or White Glass.


Bespoke Over-the-Range Microwave

Price: $629

  • Samsung’s Bespoke Over-the-Range Microwave has edge to edge glass controls, elegant color choices and a modern design that adds a stylish touch to your kitchen.
  • Its 2.1 cu. ft. capacity allows it to accommodate larger serving sizes, so you can prepare a variety of foods quickly and easily.
  • Auto-Dimming Glass Touch Controls automatically illuminate and dim as needed.
  • Auto Connectivity conveniently syncs your microwave and compatible smart Samsung appliances and devices using the SmartThings app. This enables its hood fan and LED lighting to automatically turn on and off in tandem with the burners on your cooktop, giving you one less thing to do in the kitchen.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity lets you remotely adjust the microwave’s ventilation speed, lighting and cook time with your phone and receive alerts when your food is finished cooking.
  • Available in White Glass, Matte Black Steel and Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel.

Photo credit: Samsung

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Published: April 14, 2024
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