Ruvati epiStone Bathroom Sinks

Ruvati infuses an array of fresh colors into the bathroom with bold new finish options for its epiStone series of bathroom sinks, including avocado lime green, Pacific blue and light pink Sedona clay.

Ruvati infuses an array of fresh colors into the bathroom with bold new finish options for its popular epiStone series of bathroom sinks. The chic collection of colors complements the modern profile of the sleek vessel-style basins, creating sensational statement pieces that are beautifully memorable and impressively practical. The matte black and classic white finishes offer a stylish twist far above the look of traditional porcelain sinks, but the color options do not stop there. 

Ruvati breaks out with eye-catching hues, such as avocado lime green, Pacific blue and a lovely light pink called Sedona clay. These pops of color are elegant, luxurious and joyful, a fitting focal point for inspired bathrooms everywhere.

Made in Italy by skilled artisans, epiStone sinks are crafted from 70% crushed natural stone and minerals blended with proprietary resins. Ruvati uses state-of-the-art technology to create engineered stone that perfectly mimics the look of natural stone and is incredibly strong and durable. Its non-porous surface is easy to maintain and features a lovely satin finish that is silky smooth to the touch. The oval silhouette of the sink was intentionally designed for maximum comfort, enhanced water drainage and efficient cleaning. 

The epiSinks are available in two size models — the Canali measures 19 by 14 inches and has a curve to the vessel base, while the spacious, straight-sided Omnia measures 23 by 15 inches. The epiStone sinks are meant to sit securely on the countertop with no mounting ring required, and their thick construction makes the sinks naturally sound-absorbing and a smart choice for busy bathrooms.

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Published: July 24, 2023
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