Robern expands its AiO line with the launch of the AiO Wall Mirror, which combines a mirror, task lighting, integrated USB ports and fine-tuned audio capability for a connected experience in the styling space. The AiO Wall Mirror brings clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic with its thin profile that hides a wealth of technology, including a capacitive-touch dimming switch, built-in audio and Bluetooth connectivity. The AiO mirror is available in several sizes from 24 by 30 in. to 36 by 40 in.

The mirror includes Robern’s LUM Lighting with LED light, engine and dimmer to provide high-efficiency illumination at a bright 4000K color temperature. It offers smooth and continuous dimming – and no flicker, shimmer, pop-on or buzzing. The capacitive-touch dimming switch controls the LEDs from the mirror itself, eliminating the guesswork that usually goes with pairing a LED and a dimmer. Additionally, Robern‘s OM Micro Vibration Speaker Technology houses invisible speakers, providing a sound source with high-quality resonance that is meant to be heard and felt, but not seen. This new technology generates sound in the entire space around the mirror versus uni-direction sound from a traditional speaker.

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Posted in: Bath Lighting

Published: August 16, 2016
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