Quartzforms Ocean Collection

Ocean Collection by Quartzforms, a Scapin Group brand specialized in producing mineral surfaces, the outcome of a long and complex technological evolution, complements the range of slabs inspired by nature and its beauty.

After Forest, the surfaces that translate the allure of vegetation into matter, the brand’s journey continues by once again questioning the environment that surrounds us by allowing itself to be enchanted by the hypnotic motion of the sea, the immense ocean expanses and the depths of the abysses. The result is a collection of slabs that pays homage to the expressive power of nature by combining, in a perfect balance, aesthetic rendering and functionality, a combination intrinsic to the DNA of Quartzforms.

Highly versatile for refined and exclusive indoor projects, the Ocean collection features four precious surfaces declined in a delicate and balanced color palette. A collection of delicately textured, luminous, expressive slabs that recall the beauty of the marine world.

  • Black, impenetrable and deep, Midnight surfaces evoke the mystery and fascination of the deep. The dark background is illuminated by white passing veins of varying thickness, from subtle to marked, tracing an undulating network of marks that evoke the age-old action of time. Ideal for both classically styled and more contemporary settings, they are the ideal wall covering for projects of great elegance.
  • Arctic translates the wave motion of the ocean into plate: soft and impetuous, unceasing and placid. Characterized by a snow-white background that brings to mind the foam of the sea, it is delicately traversed by gray veins, now finer now thicker. A demonstration of the great mastery achieved by Quartzforms in working with engineered stone.
  • Lagoon surfaces (shown above) are distinguished by an impalpable pattern of subtle gray-green veins on a luminous white background. Delicate brushstrokes that evoke the emerald green hues of crystalline Caribbean or Maldivian waters. A slab that encapsulates all the elegance and aesthetic appeal desired by Quartzforms® and that lends itself to cladding all kinds of environments, giving light and character.
  • Subtle dark red veins alternate with other, more elusive ones, in a delicate play of contrasts with the light background: an intricate and refined texture, which interrupts and decorates the soft background, rich in depth and characterizing Reef surfaces. A vivid red expanse that takes the mind on a dreamlike journey to discover the coral reef. The surface, moreover, is emblematic of a skillful interpretation of natural stone, recalling the classic Breccia Capraia, elegant and precious.

Made of full-body technical mineral, the surfaces of the Ocean collection are distinguished by the visible full-thickness through vein. As in all Quartzforms slabs, the high aesthetic impact of Ocean claddings is also combined with the undisputed pluses of the raw material from which it is made: resistance to abrasion, scratches, aggressive chemicals and heat, non-toxicity and non-porousness.

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The four surfaces of the Ocean collection are available in gloss and matte finishes, in 320 x 155 cm format and 2 or 3 cm thickness, thanks to their strong character, they contribute to the definition of each project by responding to an uncompromising aesthetic.

Published: July 3, 2024
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