Pullcast Oversize Door Pulls

The demand for oversized door pulls has exponentially grown over the past years, and PullCast reinvented itself by creating a plethora of colossal door hardware pieces to meet the needs and satisfaction of its clients. However, something was missing, and shortly after the decorative hardware brand premiered a new series of exclusive pivoted door designs that range the topics of sustainability and grand design.

The statement is there! PullCast delves into one of its biggest challenges without hesitation, showcasing its prowess in adapting to contemporaneity without compromising its craftsmanship expertise. Divided across the brand’s beloved collections, the new door designs bring in functionality with customization, allowing one to create stunning decor schemes. The new styles include:

  • Sylvan is a sustainable door solution made entirely of repurposed wood, giving it character and an exciting narrative. It has an enriching textured character in darker tones and a few synthetic elements with eco-friendly properties. Sylvan adds an organic flow, prioritizing luxury and sustainable design.
  • Monocles (shown above) oozes charm and luxury through a singular design that will take you back to the mid-century modern Hollywood era. Taking shape from the Monocles sideboard by Essential Home, this unique design highlights engraved discs throughout its frame.
  • The Nazca door is a tribute to Mother Earth’s strength. With a towering structure and diagonal traces, this exclusive piece motivated by Brabbu’s collection basks in walnut root with an undeniable textured and layered frame.


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Published: July 9, 2024
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