Node Lighting System

Linea Light Node System

Node System is the new indoor linear system designed by Linea Light Group to overcome any architectural obstacle. The connection joints allow unparalleled installation flexibility, while the many available light modules and connection accessories – diffused linear bars or with darklight microcells, projectors, suspensions, flexible diffused light elements, etc. – guarantee total freedom and design creativity. Mono or bi-emission, wall, ceiling or pendant, Node System is synonymous with boundless linear and modular light for all interior environments.

Linea Light Group stands out thanks to a market approach that is attentive to specific requirements and to the demands of local partners. Its “Think Global, Act Local” vision focuses on making connections between different areas and on managing services from a shorter distance. Today, it is a company with a strong international presence and an extensive network: wherever their projects may take them, their partners will be right by their side. It’s a manufacturing organization which, along with its industrial capacity, has skillfully preserved a measure of that manual craftsmanship which has always characterized “Made in Italy” products. From conception to creation and all the way to assembly, our products are the combination of high technology, research and know-how, a recipe that has made Italian companies unique the world over.

Photo credit: Linea Light Group

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Published: January 19, 2024
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