Neutra Minimal M6 Basins

The design studio led by Ambrogio Matteo Nespoli and Alberto Novara, in partnership with NEUTRA since 2006, has developed a series of basins that embody minimalist and modern aesthetics. This includes a monolithic version that has been reinterpreted for the 2024 collection. Its simplicity and formal rigor enhanced by the material’s robustness contributed to its popularity over the years, making it a top seller in the basin category.

MINIMAL redefines the idea of the monolithic basin (dimensions: 45 cm diameter x 85 cm height) and establishes new aesthetics using materials, finishes, and bespoke craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge industrial techniques.

Two models are available – the first, crafted from Verde Antigua marble (shown above), is made using a unique split processing technique (Random) that results in a ribbed and highly textured surface. This enhances the material’s qualities and conveys the excellence of this process.

The second model features a monolithic basin made from mixed Cipollino marble, with a superior polished finish. This, coupled with the purity of the shape, provides a deep sensory experience.

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The design allows the material to express its uniqueness and naturalness while preserving its inherent integrity. Its features amplify the sense of authenticity and connection to nature which can be enjoyed in residential spaces.

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Published: July 9, 2024
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