Nemo Tile Company

New Via Emilia collection creates the illusion of weathered timber

Nemo Tile Company‘s new porcelain series, the Via Emilia collection, creates the illusion of painted and weathered timber, a look that is achieved by graphic imprints and deep surface veins. Attention to detail was key in the crafting of this tile—each of the four colors (white, dark, gray and natural) has at least 80 different imprints with variations in shade and texture implemented to mimic the organic lines of real wood. Fitting for both floors and wall surfaces, the tiles are available in five sizes: 12 by 48 in., 6 by 48 in., 36 by 36 in., 24 by 24 in. and 16 by 48 in. 

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Posted in: Kitchen Surfaces

Published: May 20, 2016
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