Native Trails

MetalProtect is an environmentally friendly sealer that delivers a long-lasting barrier to metal surfaces.

To keep metals looking their shiny best, Native Trails has unveiled MetalProtect. This easy-to-apply and environmentally friendly sealer delivers a long-lasting barrier that can be easily applied on brass, copper, nickel, silver, stainless steel and more, offering powerful protection against tarnish, corrosion, fingerprints and water spots, for months or even years of maintenance-free use.

The clear, air-drying sealer can offer protection to virtually any indoor or outdoor metal surface. It will never yellow or discolor, requires no mixing and leaves no waste. One 4 oz. can of MetalProtect from Native Trails is sufficient for most smaller sinks, while two cans may be required for larger kitchen sinks.


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Posted in: Bath Technology

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