Nantucket Sinks Brightwork Collection

The Brightwork Collection includes polished hammered stainless steel, brass and copper sinks.

Nantucket Sinks has announced the addition of several new kitchen sink models to its Brightwork Collection, a curated assortment of specialty metal sinks inspired by the ‘brightwork’ on sailboats. Like the sunlight sparkling on the ocean on a clear day, these pieces will bring brilliance to your bathroom or bar.

The name Brightwork is used to identify the exposed metal works on boats which are highly polished. Nantucket Sinks  found the name fitting for its collection of polished hammered stainless steel, brass and copper. The new additions include a single well 33-by-22 hand- hammered and polished stainless-steel bowed front kitchen farm sink, the FSSH3322; a 32-by-20 hand-hammered and polished stainless-steel workstation sink, the KSSH-PS-3220; as well as the same sink in a lacquered copper the KCA-PS-3220. These new sinks complement the brand’s range of bar and bathroom basins in the same finishes. 

Photo credit: Nantucket Sinks

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Posted in: Kitchen , Kitchen Sinks

Published: November 4, 2023
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