Lundhs Real Stone

Lundhs Real Stone offers consistent complete control and precision in stone quality.

Lundhs recently debuted the kitchen and bath industry’s first accredited brand of natural stone, Lundhs Real Stone. Lundhs Real Stone products are only available to select distributors in the U.S. to enable complete control and precision regarding stone quality, accreditation, installation, materials handling and more. To ensure consistent quality across every Lundhs Real Stone product, the company follows a strict set of guiding principles to assess the material quality level. Only those that meet the highest quality standards are certified as Lundhs Real Stone.

These guidelines include:

• Heat Resistance: Lundhs Real Stone is guaranteed heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius/ /575 degrees Fahrenheit and withstands high temperatures without burning, scorching or cracking.

• Liquid Resistance: Due to its ultra-high density and extremely low water absorption, Lundhs Real Stone surfaces withstand stains and watermarks from coffee, tea, oil, wine, citrus fruits and more.

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• Minimal Maintenance: The surface of a Lundhs material is very easy to clean and requires no regular maintenance. End-users can simply wipe the surface clean with water.

• Scratch Resistance: Larvikite and Anorthosite have a very high density and are naturally scratch resistant.

• Fade Resistance: Lundhs Real Stone products maintain their vibrant colors and will not fade when exposed to sunlight.

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Posted in: Kitchen Surfaces

Published: May 31, 2019
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