Lunada Bay Tile Vesuvio Mosaic Tile

Vesuvio is a radiant new mixed-media mosaic collection that combines glimmering glass tiles with natural marble.

Lunada Bay Tile introduces Vesuvio, a radiant new mixed-media mosaic collection that combines glimmering glass tiles with natural marble. The ethereal stone and glass form simple geometric patterns that will become the timeless foundation for many interior styles. The collection will debut at Coverings 2023.

​​Graceful and versatile, Vesuvio flawlessly marries smooth, white marble with iridescent glass. The marble is elegant and delicate and creates an otherworldly beauty that can only be achieved after millions of years of nature working its magic. The glass is evocative of the semi-precious stone found in volcanic formations with beautiful streams of color flowing within the glass.

This glass and marble mixed-material mosaic creates an exquisite array of glistening surfaces and smooth textures throughout its design. Lunada Bay Tile’s glass is handcrafted by artisans who pour, shape and blend molten glass to create sensual colors and finishes in a myriad of shapes. 

The collection of mesh-mounted stone mosaics are available in six colors that work in solitude or in partnership with other glass, ceramic, concrete collections from Lunada Bay Tile. Four patterns, some random, some systematic, come in different scales—small, medium and large – allowing for versatile designs. The collection includes:

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  • Kindred combines hexagons to create a pattern that can go modern or traditional, with a random mix of stone and glass.
  • Panama Weave displays a traditional basketweave pattern.
  • Quilt interprets a traditional diamond quilt pattern.
  • Seesaw (pictured) features a dynamic chevron pattern. 

The use of tiles by designers has expanded dramatically into every room of the home. Tiles are not only defining kitchen backsplashes and adorning powder rooms, but also are used as dramatic fireplace surrounds, as accent walls in foyers and living rooms and on dining room ceilings – any place wallpaper or paint is used.

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