Lodes Oblo Pendant Light

Lodes is delighted to announce the launch of Oblò, a decorative pendant lamp designed in collaboration with Italian architect and designer, Paola Navone – OTTO Studio. Oblò, the Italian word for ‘porthole,’ has a fluid silhouette and chromatic palette, evoking the sensations of the sea. Its finishes range from iridescent metallic blue, silk white, glossy smoke, and transparent, demonstrating the versatility of Pyrex glass in lighting design, and Lodes’ expertise in modular lighting.

Despite its modest size, Oblò is a bright and effective lamp. Its intense luminosity is diffused through the glass, generating captivating lighting effects with its range of colorful finishes. It features a hook, comprising a metal core coated with semi-transparent silicone. A white fabric cable, featuring a grey rubberized end piece, is tied to the hook, delicately supporting the diffuser. The knot and cable possess both aesthetic and functional significance: envisioned by the designer to resemble naval ropes knotted to sea buoys, infusing the product with a whimsical and playful spirit. Simultaneously, the fabric cable conceals the electric wiring, which, through the knot, threads into the hook, mysteriously powering the LED.

Lodes ingeniously conceals the electric cable’s path to the LED hidden within the hook, ensuring that only the glass is visible, creating the illusion of the diffuser floating like a buoy in the air.

Oblò is available in three globular shapes – a testament to the designer’s nuanced aesthetic sensibility – crafted to offer lighting solutions capable of choreographing varied movements, alone or in compositions, further facilitated by the option to adjust the fabric cable for varying suspension heights. With its versatility and myriad combinations, Oblò enriches an array of environments across residential and commercial settings. From stairwells to kitchen islands, F&B tables to lobbies, this pendant illuminates and adorns any space with elegance and unmistakable style, amidst playful light rhythms and refreshing nautical sensations.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Lodes

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Published: May 9, 2024
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