Lodes Cono di Luce Suspension Light

Lodes is pleased to announce that the brand’s lighting collaboration with Ron Arad is now available in the North American market. Cono di Luce marries Lodes’ technical know-how with Arad’s artistic flair. The designer is known for his iconic industrial pieces that have not only garnered multiple awards, but have also been showcased in renowned institutions worldwide.

The company recognized in Ron Arad a figure who blends art, architecture and design. With his unique, deconstructive approach, Arad is able to uncover new realms in which objects break out of their conventional typologies. With this in mind, Lodes aimed to not only overcome challenges, but to embrace them as part of the design process. Before embarking on the design phase, the company gave the designer a challenge: to use borosilicate glass to design an iconic object.

Arad consequently opted for a slender, truncated cone shape as the archetype, with a light source placed on top—hence its name Cono di Luce, meaning cone of light.

A continuous creative exchange between the company and the designer enabled a new design path to be found. Lodes brought Arad’s sketch to life with a cutting-edge implementation of PCB (printed circuit board) technology, harnessing it to create aesthetically pleasing qualities and the mesmerizing pattern which Arad envisioned, and which forms the lamp’s graphic motif.

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Lodes’ technical capabilities are clearly demonstrated in the development process. Lodes was able to transfer Arad’s intuitive response to the brief, as shown in his initial sketch, into a real lamp – finding a technical solution that solved critical issues while simultaneously fulfilling several functions.

Photo credit: Lodes

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Published: April 9, 2024
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