LIVDEN Tether Collection

The new Tether Collection from LIVDEN is an ode to the deep connections we share with one another and is offered on sustainable ivory porcelain in four vibrant colorways.

The new Tether Collection from LIVDEN is an ode to the deep connections we share with one another. The close-knit community that LIVDEN has built was the inspiration for this colorful collection. X’s + O’s is a fun reference to the classic saying “hugs & kisses.” Links is inspired by the interwoven ties that join us all. Both patterns are offered on sustainable ivory porcelain and in four vibrant colorways. This collection celebrates our connections while also being good for the planet. 

X’s + O’s Pattern:

Lately, it seems like everyone could use a little extra love. That’s why LIVDEN is thrilled to introduce the new X’s and O’s pattern. This playful tile design is sure to elicit a smile every time you see it. But this tile is more than just a pretty face — it’s also environmentally friendly. So if you’re looking for a tile that will brighten up your space and remind you that you are loved, the X’s and O’s pattern is the perfect choice.

Links Pattern:

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The new Links pattern by LIVDEN is a reminder that we’re all linked together by our passions, experiences and loved ones. The chain shape of this porcelain tile reminds us how connected we all are. This sustainably produced tile is offered in four colorways on 12-by-12 ivory porcelain. Whether you choose the serene sea foam, vibrant Valencia, peaceful harvest or rich cacao, you can be reminded of the interconnectedness of us all. Tile your world with Links, and let’s create a more connected world — one tile at a time!

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