Lithos Design Pietre Incise Collection

The Pietre Incise Collection has acquired four new textures – Agra, Bugna, Crystal and Plissé.

Lithos Design’s iconic Pietre Incise Collection has acquired four new textures – Agra, Bugna, Crystal and Plissé – drawing inspiration from techniques used in architecture and fabric manufacturing. This family of wall coverings and modular panels releases all the evocative power of marble and allows its natural materiality shine through. 

The secret of Pietre Incise success is rooted in the company’s in-depth knowledge of materials, in the use of cutting-edge processing technologies, in a production chain with reduced environmental impact and in the possibility of being included in every space. Thanks to a selection of high-quality marbles and a vast decorative and chromatic palette, the collection offers architects and designers a variety of solutions to enhance spaces with out-of-ordinary claddings.

The Lithos Design collection is composed of 26 patterns designed by Raffaello Galiotto, which reveal the infinite potential of the lithic material through their textures. Engravings, reliefs, volumes, depending on the sources of inspiration and decoration, the different models are classified in the Linear, Geometric, Wavy, Organic Architectural families.

Lithos Design Pietre Incise Collection

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The careful studies carried out on the impact of light on the engraved stone find maximum expression in this project: the variation of brightness that marks the flow of the day, emphasizes the natural appearance and draws on the surfaces a fascinating alternation of light and shadow, creating different shades on the walls.

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Published: July 28, 2023
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