LG Electronics MoodUP Refrigerator

The groundbreaking MoodUP refrigerator now includes Viva Magenta – the Pantone Color of the Year 2023.

LG Electronics (LG) will present an exciting, new color option for its groundbreaking MoodUP refrigerator to offer personalized customer experiences. In collaboration with the world-renowned Pantone Color Institute, Viva Magenta – the Pantone Color of the Year 2023, is coming to LG’s color-changing fridge. Viva Magenta is a brave and fearless crimson red that brings excitement and drama into home interiors, energizing any environment with its vibrancy.

The refrigerator with MoodUP boasts a diverse range of rich, dynamic colors to choose from — providing a convenient way for users to enliven their kitchen whenever they feel the need to change or refresh the mood. With the arrival of Viva Magenta, the upper door panel of the fridge now offers a total of 23 color options. Owners of the Four-Door French-Door model can mix and match colors to their personal aesthetic, with more than 190,000 possible color combinations available.

MoodUP users can easily select and apply Viva Magenta – and any of the other available colors – by using the intuitive LG ThinQ app. Implementing LED color-changeable door panels, LG’s innovative kitchen solution gives users the ability to customize the look of their fridge without the cost and hassle of having to physically replace any of its exterior elements.

For a more traditional look in the kitchen, users can turn off the MoodUP refrigerator’s LED door panels at any time and enjoy the traditional color combination of lux gray and lux white. Timeless and understated, this clean, cool combo harmonizes well with any décor and evokes the natural, subtle contrast of different colored stones.

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Posted in: Kitchen

Published: December 27, 2022
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