Legrand Adorne with Netatmo

Legrand has announced availability of the highly anticipated Adorne with Netatmo smart lighting solution.

Legrand, a global specialist in electrical wiring and network solutions, has announced availability of the highly anticipated Adorne with Netatmo smart lighting solution. Combining robust Netatmo smart home technology with the unmatched style of Legrand’s Adorne Collection, this premier option for whole-home control of lights and power includes a flexible selection of design-inspired smart switches, dimmers and outlets.

Specifically optimized for whole-home use, Adorne with Netatmo creates its own robust, dedicated network that can support advanced control of lights and power in any home environment. This makes the solutions ideal for larger homes and homes where Wi-Fi signals might struggle due to building material or the use of many smart products. The solution’s smart devices install in place of standard switches and outlets and enable users to control their lights and power form anywhere through the Legrand Home + Control app. Through the app users can also easily create lighting groups and set schedules for their convenience, as well as monitor energy usage to help reduce cost and waste.

Operating on the Netatmo platform, the new Adorne solution also features easy connectivity to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, as well as the ability to integrate with home automation systems. This compatibility opens the door for more streamlined and comprehensive control throughout the home. The solution also includes battery-powered, wireless smart switches and dimmers that can be mounted to any wall or surface – no wiring required – letting users add three-way lighting control or one-touch scene control anywhere it is desired.

Using a single Smart Gateway, an Adorne with Netatmo solution can include up to 98 of the compatible smart switches, dimmers and outlets within a single installation. These devices are available in white, magnesium and graphite finish and pair with an extensive range of screwless designer wall plates to complement any décor. The Adorne with Netatmo devices can even be used alongside Radiant with Netatmo products – launched in 2021 – in the same installation, ensuring a solution that’s fully tailored, room by room, to a user’s home and personal preferences.

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