Lapitec Sintered Stone

Lapitec sintered stone is perfect for a series of outside uses, including paving and walkways, fixed or mobile kitchens, barbecue stations and more.

Lapitec sintered stone is perfect for a series of outside uses, including paving and walkways, facades or portions of them, swimming pool cladding, benches, table tops, fixed or mobile kitchens, barbecue stations and even for applications on yachts or ship decks. The large size slabs, which in 12 and 20 mm thicknesses are 1540 by 3440 mm, allow great flexibility of use, thanks also to the material’s high performance. The sintered stone is resistant to atmospheric conditions, UV rays, temperature changes and abrasions, so much so that the product comes with a 25-year durability guarantee. Its entirely silica-free composition, the result of a mixture of 100% natural minerals compacted through a multi-patented process, makes it an ecological material that is non-porous on the surface and therefore ideal for prolonged contact with water, even salty or with chlorine added. 

Lapitec comes in a range of solid colors, from Bianco Assoluto, creams, grays, warm colors and blacks to the elegant veins of the Musa collection. With new colors launched in 2023, it is a surface that integrates perfectly with the outdoor environment, while the available finishes can reach the high coefficients of friction (even R13) that are indispensable especially for flooring and swimming pools. 

There are therefore many uses in the world of design and outdoor furniture, where Lapitec works alongside important brands in the sector to supply tops for dining tables or cooking stations with different types of accessories and functions.  In addition to the above features, there is the ‘full body’ characteristic of sintered stone, which is identical in every point and maintains a constant appearance when milled or processed, ensuring maximum aesthetic cleanliness, together with functionality and high technical performance.

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Posted in: Outdoor Living

Published: April 2, 2023
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