Kolbe Windows & Doors

Expand living spaces to the outdoors with folding windows and quad sliding windows.

Kolbe Windows & Doors offers options to expand living spaces to the outdoors with folding windows and quad sliding windows. Kolbe’s sliding window is available in both Ultra Series and VistaLuxe Complementary, while the folding window is offered in Ultra Series, Heritage Series and VistaLuxe Complementary styles.

Folding windows offer up to 52 feet of viewing area. With up to eight panels per side in various configurations, they are an ideal pass-through solution and are customizable. Choose from hardware styles and finishes to colors, glass types and divided lites. As a barrier to insects, optional interior retractable pleated screens offer smooth sliding operation for easy opening and closing.

Where space is at a premium, center-opening quad sliding windows offer convenient indoor-outdoor pass-through. With matching sight lines and low profile sills, these windows provide elegant frames for panoramic views. Exterior retractable screens are available for center-opening quad sliding windows. The slim screens retract upward into the frame and out of sight, or can be pulled downward to keep pests out while maintaining ventilation and visibility.

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Posted in: Outdoor Living

Published: January 24, 2018
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