Kohler ContinuousClean ST

Kohler has expanded upon its ContinuousClean toilet offerings with the addition of ContinuousClean ST.

Kohler has expanded upon its ContinuousClean toilet offerings with the addition of ContinuousClean ST. First featured on the best-selling Cimarron toilet, ContinuousClean ST is a single-tablet system with one setting, compared to the existing ContinuousClean XT offering that features a two-tablet system with three cleaning settings. These innovative cleaning systems offer worry-free and easy-to-maintain automatic toilet bowl cleaning. 

Kohler ContinuousClean is a factory-installed system housed in the toilet tank that automatically dispenses consistent dosage of cleaner during each flush to keep the bowl clean between flushes. Consumers simply drop a white cleaning tablet of choice into the reservoir system, lock the system and place the lid. This Kohler-designed system does all the work from there – evenly mixing fresh water from the incoming water supply with the cleaning agent by-passing all internal tank components for a measured clean with each flush.

Each ContinousClean toilet is paired with Kohler’s Revolution 360 swirl flush technology that takes toilet cleanliness to a new level. Revolution 360 is Kohler’s most complete flush ever developed and is powered by the brand’s AquaPiston canister technology that allows water to flow out of the tank at 360 degrees, increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush. The Revolution 360 provides a complete coverage and visibly clean flush by extending water up to the rim of the bowl.

ContinuousClean XT is already offered on select Kohler toilets, including Betello and Corbelle. The Cimarron toilet is the first Kohler toilet to be offered with ContinuousClean ST. A more budget-friendly option than ContinuousClean XT versions, the toilets with ContinuousClean ST offer an effective way to add cleanliness to the bathroom.

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Published: April 27, 2022
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