ITW Buildex

ITW Buildex, a provider of fastening solutions, has introduced a new iteration of its trusted Backer-On and Rock-On cement board screws. The screws have been uniquely designed with a patented serrated head, T-25 star drive with Stikfit and serrated thread forms to solve common contractor challenges and enhance performance. The screws allow for shorter installation time, reduced waste and enhanced performance.

Key innovations include: patented serrated head design, a star drive with T-25 bit, serrated thread forms and patented sharp point and lead threads. Designed for use with HardieBacker Cement Board and USG Durock Brand Cement Board, the latest screws feature a premium corrosion resistant finish and help prevent moisture buildup in kitchens and bathrooms. The new Backer-On and Rock-On cement board screws are now available exclusively at all Lowe’s stores nationwide.

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Posted in: Bath Technology

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