Icera iWash

Introducing the iWash S-11 bidet seat, the latest addition to Icera‘s iWash product line, created to enhance the functionality of a traditional toilet with features focused on comfort and superior hygiene. This ingenious design is easily installed on most standard elongated toilets. The iWash from Icera has a minimalist profile that compliments both modern and traditional décors and quietly becomes an integral part of any luxurious-minded bathroom. 

Icera combines cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design to create the iWash system. In addition to conserving toilet paper, the iWash electronic bidet seat provides a cleaner and more sanitary experience. The system includes a stainless-steel, self-cleaning sprayer with customizable spray options (rear, front, oscillating and power wash). The iWash’s ceramic water heating system provides an instant and unlimited warm water spray and allows for a tankless design with a slim 5-in. profile. Users can also choose settings for water temperature and pressure and enjoy a heated seat and warm arm dryer. The iWash can be programmed with two memory presets for ease of use. Other favorite features include a built-in deodorizer, in-bowl nightlight, silent close lid and a wall-mounted remote control with LED-backlit buttons. 

The iWash bidet seat is available at premium bath showrooms nationwide with retail prices starting at $675.

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