Houzz Pro Photorealistic Renders

Houzz, Inc., today introduced photorealistic renders for the 3D Floor Plan tool in Houzz Pro, the all-in-one business management and marketing solution for residential construction and design professionals. Pros can now take the 3D floor plans they create with Houzz Pro software and generate lifelike renders with real-world details like natural lighting, optimized shading and surface material textures. Created in minutes, photorealistic renders are easy to incorporate into client presentations to help current and prospective clients better envision their finished space, expediting the decision-making process.

Generating photorealistic renders is quick and intuitive. From the dollhouse and walkthrough views in any 3D Floor Plan, pick your preferred angle, adjust the camera height and field of view and take a photorealistic snapshot with the camera icon. Images are saved to the project within the app and can easily be shared with team members and homeowners through the project Dashboard or attached to a Proposal, Estimate, Selections Board or Mood Board. Pros with a Houzz Pro subscription can create an unlimited number of photorealistic renders taken as if shooting the room with a virtual camera at a variety of vantage points to provide a more complete and detailed picture of the design.

The 3D Floor Plan tool empowers pros to easily communicate their project vision to current or prospective clients through 2D floor plans and 3D models. In addition to photorealistic renders, pros can bring 3D floor plans to life in dollhouse and walkthrough views or present an in-person augmented reality (AR) tour on-site at the project using the mobile app.

Photorealistic renders are available to Houzz Pro subscribers globally with Essential, Pro, Ultimate and Custom packages. Learn more at houzz.com/pro.

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Published: May 22, 2024

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