Hettich AvanTech YOU Wood Drawer Illumination

The AvanTech YOU Wood Drawer Illumination by Hettich is a customizable drawer system with lit sides to maximize functionality and flexibility in kitchen design. When open, the AvanTech You Illumination illuminates the inside of the drawer and the surrounding room, casting an alluring glow that adds a new component to layered kitchen lighting.

With ease of installation in mind, clip-on profiles with integrated, homogenous LED light operate by rechargeable battery — no plug, just play! New, warm wood finishes make it adaptable to many interior aesthetics.

AvanTech YOU Illumination from Hettich is a tool designers are using to rethink the way they approach kitchen lighting design, investing in layers and levels that create both a clean, task-oriented environment and a moody, toned down atmosphere. This product is battery-operated and the drawer boxes are available in sizes that can be retrofitted to existing cabinetry for an instant upgrade. Because the lighting is uniquely integrated into the drawer box sides, by opening a drawer, we can transform our kitchens.


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Published: June 15, 2024
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