Hailo introduces the Laundry-Area, a comprehensive system for use in utility or laundry rooms and kitchens that ensures the available space is optimized and that everything stores away tidily. Depending on the layout of home, the Laundry-Area can be located in other areas, too, such as a bathroom.

When space is at a premium, everything that is needed for doing the laundry can be integrated into a tall cabinet, including fittings for hanging clothing, drawers for storing and sorting laundry accessories, clothes pegs and storage containers for odds and ends and a foldaway ironing board. More system components to keep everything neat and tidy can be added in larger spaces. Hailo‘s Laundry-Area is designed for units that are 60 centimeters wide and can be adjusted to suit the height of the cabinet. The modular, customizable patented system can be extended with seven different built-in components that can be added at a later time as required. Optional extensions include a foldaway clothes airer for drying laundry.

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Posted in: Laundry

Published: July 20, 2017
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