Gessi Outdoor Shower

With sleek, tubular lines and sophisticated options for finishes and textures, the Gessi Outdoor Shower brings a chic, modern look to the outdoors.

Gessi introduces the Outdoor Shower as part of its Outdoor Wellness Collection. This extraordinary shower system creates an oasis-inspired experience. Equally enjoyable on a sunny day or under a starlit sky, the outdoor shower imbues an exhilarating sense of freedom and rejuvenation. With sleek tubular lines and sophisticated options for finishes and textures, the Gessi Outdoor Shower is a beautiful addition to any landscape and a welcome enrichment to the wellness-focused lifestyle. 

As a brand known for avant-garde style and an uncommon attention to detail, Gessi brings a chic, modern look to the outdoors that is perfect for both residential and resort settings. Crafted of premium 316 stainless steel, the shower column rises from its surrounding landscape with a simple purity of design. At first glance it appears to be an intrinsic part of the panorama, and yet there is something distinctive that creates a dramatic impression. Its geometric profile is elegant and luxurious with many customizable details, such as adjustable showerheads, special nozzles and four different knurling patterns. Gessi offers the outdoor shower in three finishes – brushed stainless steel, matte black and a rich copper-like Corten.

Varied options in structure and finishes can be paired in combinations to create a final look that reflects individual needs and style preferences. All components are made to Gessi’s exacting standards and with their signature PVD technology that produces lasting durability and a flawless finish. Gessi captures both components – form and function – to create a single extraordinary addition to personal wellness that literally steps outside to embrace nature and the beauty of exceptional design.

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Posted in: Outdoor Living

Published: April 18, 2022
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