Gessi Afilo Shower System

This multi-function system combines chromatherapy with fixtures that appear to be suspended in midair while diffusing soft lights amidst the streaming water.

Gessi has reimagined the shower, and it is Afilo. This multi-function system brings beautiful visuals to the shower experience with fixtures that appear to be suspended in midair while diffusing soft lights amidst the streaming water. As part of Gessi’s Private Wellness Program, Afilo pairs the power of light and water to create a sensory oasis designed to refresh and restore body, mind and spirit. Chromatherapy lights shine through and merge with the falling water in a mesmerizing effect that is soothing yet invigorating, a singular experience that is the essence of wellness and renewal.

Designed as an overhead rainfall/waterfall shower, the Afilo Collection includes fixtures in square, round and rectangular shapes that may be installed recessed into the ceiling or exposed in a boxed design. A slot along the showerhead’s perimeter is the source of the diffused light, while a thin steel outer frame and inclined inner walls reflect the light in such a way to create the “floating” illusion. Users may customize their lighting color choices, including shades of gold, blue, green and purple. Afilo, available in an array of finishes and is an elegant and refined addition to the bathroom – subtle in appearance yet powerful and dramatic in performance.

Gessi’s Private Wellness Program is a signature concept driven by the brand’s commitment to innovation and designing products that enhance and improve the lives of their customers. The advanced shower concepts represent a wide array of steel showerheads and shower elements for hydro massage. The aim is to create everyday wellness centers in private bathrooms in addition to bringing Gessi products to professional spa settings worldwide. The brand’s modular elements can be customized to suit individual needs with patented aesthetics and advanced functions that are genuinely beneficial to the users. After decades of research, Gessi has truly become The Private Wellness Company.

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