New GE Profile and Café dishwashers hit silverware with 40+ deep-clean jets 

Next month, all new GE Profile and Café dishwashers will come standard with more than 40 dedicated deep-clean silverware jets to ensure table-ready silverware. The new design powers water up from below the silverware basket to attack caked-on food remnants like peanut butter, cheese and oatmeal. Additionally, the red jets stand out to highlight exactly where to place the silverware basket to ensure silverware that sparkles with each load. From spray arms to silverware jets, these new dishwashers feature more than 140 jets in total. Additional features include: a third rack for loading flexibility and to free up space on other racks, red bottle jets located on the top rack to tackle the inside of hard-to-clean containers like baby bottles, sports bottles and travel mugs and fully integrated controls for the Profile model. GE Profile and Café models will be available in June in stainless steel and slate. 

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Posted in: Kitchen

Published: May 18, 2016
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