Florim Mystic Luxe

Mystic Luxe is the new collection of large Florim slabs that embodies luxury, elegance, and timeless aesthetic research. Chromium-plated metals and agates combine to transform spaces into places of well-being, where light dances through golden inserts and glossy effects creating interplays of reflected gleams and shadows that enchant the eyes and caress the spirit.

Agate is a stone with an important role in history and in many cultures worldwide. To heighten the agates’ beauty, four elegant metals are also included in the collection. These surfaces bring dynamism to an interior thanks to their ability to interact with light. They are ductile materials, which can assume different forms and generate an impression of motion. What’s more, their chromatic effects are an exquisite addition to interiors, giving them an elegance reinforced by simple, uncluttered lines. The resulting atmosphere is one of luminous, enticing beauty.

Mystic Luxe helps to create interiors with a sophisticated, appealing minimalism, constructed with forms of flawless simplicity; oases of warmth and charm. The metal-effect surfaces surround spaces with vibrant colours while the agates, iconic, precious natural gems with voluptuous shapes, create contrasts in their interaction with light thanks to glossy or satiny textures, adding a touch of glamour. With its strongly varied, intense colours, Mystic Luxe is ideal for anyone in search of inspiration and originality. Mystic Luxe expresses a dream that becomes reality, transforming living-spaces into backdrops that stimulate and support the imagination, for pursuit of a highly individual pleasure.

The collection comprises seven color shades for the agates, available in Indigo, Claret, Juniper, Viridian, Black Sea (shown above), Gloom and Umber in the 120×280 and 60×120 sizes in 6 mm thickness and in 3 finish variants: glossy with gold inserts, glossy without gold inserts and satin with gold inserts. Four metal shades are included alongside these voluptuous agates: Gold, already featured in the Luxury Design range, Rosegold, Titanium and Carbon, available in both glossy and satin finishes in 120×280, 60×120 and 10×60 sizes in 6 mm thickness.

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These same metals are also offered in a decorated version (Gold Arabescato, Rosegold Glyph, Titanium Rain and Carbon Warren) in the 120×280 and 60×120 sizes, in glossy and satin.

Photo credit: Florim

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Published: April 19, 2024
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