Florim Essential Mood

The Essential Mood collection from Florim presents a blend of earthy and dusty tones, as well as textures and images evocative of an easy-going lifestyle that embraces sustainability and a more mindful approach to time. A sense of essentiality emerges from the visual and tactile sensations fused in this Creative Design collection. The colors, textures and reflections of light recall the softness of resin. They work in symphony with each other and the world around them, promoting personal well-being in any setting. The eternity of nature is brought to mind by the soft hues, which form a harmonious background for daily routines that see the spaces they adorn helping to create connections.

The distinguishing features of the Essential Mood design are fluid surfaces, material qualities and full bodies that extend without boundaries, promoting a harmonious flow between spaces and constant interplay between environments and the people in them. It makes places into cozy, reassuring refuges where they can take center stage.

Produced for interior design schemes, housing and commercial premises, the collection espouses warm, timeless atmospheres where people can recharge their batteries and get onto the same wavelength as the world around them. Spaces with neutral, comforting colors and natural features come together in a design that underlines the need for everyone to look after themselves and seek revitalizing experiences, now and in the future.

Essential Mood is based on a virtuous, sustainable approach and it is part of the Florim CarbonZero selection of Climate Positive surfaces, which reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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Photo credit: Florim

Posted in: Bath Surfaces

Published: February 1, 2024
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