Florim Earthtech/ Collection

The new collection transforms raw material into "technical earth" with a colored-body ceramic product that gives a new form and resistance to one of the oldest building elements.

Earthtech/ is the new Florim collection that tells a primordial story with an eye to a responsible future. A technical product with a tactile design and name that represents its multi-faceted nature: “Earth” as a timeless material and as a planet to respect and protect, and “tech” as innovation and a synonym of high performance.

Drawing on Florim’s extensive architectural expertise, Earthtech/ transforms raw material into “technical earth” with a colored-body ceramic product that gives a new form and resistance to one of the oldest building elements.

Observation of the past is combined with an approach that is always geared towards the future and to Florim’s constant attention to its overall impact on the environment. Therefore, Earthtech/ surfaces are both aesthetically pleasing, high-performance from a technical standpoint, safe and hygienic by nature and made according to the highest sustainability standards (Florim is B Corp-certified) to satisfy the most modern green living trends.

Earthtech/ slabs are created from spontaneous mixing of small fragments and pigments in different shades that are carefully pre-selected. A composite material in which the clustered flakes and grains create an original mélange effect that vitrifies during firing, making the slab extremely solid. The result is aesthetically unique just like the variety of nature’s elements.

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Featuring a modern, minimalist style, this collection embraces architecture in symbiosis with the landscape through neutral and easily combinable colours presented in two aesthetic families that recall large or small flakes. The colour options range from a scale of greys up to the boldest shades of bright yellow and red-orange.

Earthtech/ offers a range of finishes for all types of applications – from public and commercial spaces to residential projects, creating a dialogue between indoor and outdoor settings. The collection includes both the large-size Florim Magnum Oversize with a thickness of just 6 mm (in four modular sizes up to 120 by 280 cm) and the traditional 10 and 20 mm thickness. It also features four decorative elements: three floral/plant-inspired and one geometric-inspired.

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Published: July 13, 2021
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