FLM Ceramics Sound Wavetile

FLM Ceramics is pleased to introduce the Sound Wavetile series, hand-crafted by Forrest Lesch-Middelton. The Sound Wave series is comprised of 12 6-in by 6-in. ceramic tile designs in two colorways, cast iron and inverted cast iron. Shown is the Variegated Sound Wave in cast iron.

The series was inspired by 18th-century sound experimentation by physicist Ernst Chladi, where frequencies are introduced to a steel plate balanced on top of a tone generator that when dusted with sand, creates unique patterns through tonal vibrations. Each Sound Wavetile design from FLM Ceramics in this series is named for the unique frequency the plate was tuned to when the pattern appeared or relates to the number Ernest Chladni assigned to the pattern. Forrest is the only ceramicist to apply Chladni’s sound wave patterns to the creation of tile.

It was while he was at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis on a McKnight Fellowship that Forrest developed the tile. He borrowed the equipment from the University of Minnesota physics department to research the effects of sound waves on pattern. Chladni’s work in the 18th century became the catalyst that bridged the gap between idea and object. Forrest had already mined history for his first tile collection and wanted to go beyond the cultural history of pattern and look toward the deeper human and metaphysical connections that inspired the origins of pattern.

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Posted in: Kitchen Surfaces

Published: July 10, 2020
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