Fisher & Paykel 48-inch Induction Range

Fisher & Paykel, a leader in premium appliances, is pleased to announce the launch of its Series 11 48-inch Professional Induction Range.

Fisher & Paykel, a leader in premium appliances, is pleased to announce the launch of its Series 11 48” Professional Induction Range. Available in Q2 for the US market, this full induction range expands upon the New Zealand-based brand’s cooking solutions to provide a new level of precision, power and control with its ultra-responsive induction cooktop and two independently operated oven cavities. Designed with professional cooking results in mind, this robust range combines specialized cooking functions, intuitive technology, and energy-efficient power.

Offering consistent and precise heat distribution, the 48” Professional Induction Range’s ceramic cooktop features six induction cooking zones for ample space and flexibility. Two of the zones can be paired to form SmartZones that support larger cookware. While larger ranges typically require higher circuit capacity, The Series 11 48” Professional Induction Range can work with a 50A circuit, meeting US electrical code standards. This means some homeowners won’t need special hardwiring for installation. With 15 oven functions in the main cavity, 11 in the secondary and a handy food probe to help monitor progress, the Range delivers the ultimate cooking flexibility. The two independently operating cavities provide generous capacity with 4.8 cu. ft. in the main cavity and 2.1 cu. ft. in the secondary – enough room for a 32 lb. turkey in one oven and side dishes in the other. Designed to cater to a broad range of dishes and cooking styles, the 48” Professional Induction Range generates the right heat to get perfect results.

A high-resolution touchscreen, which tilts for improved ergonomics and optimal visibility, provides guided cooking. Its intuitive interface makes it simple to cook by food, function or recipe – giving users confidence to master temperature at any experience level. The Range’s self-cleaning function breaks down food residue while its induction cooktop only needs a quick wipe after use to keep clean. Additionally, later this year, Fisher & Paykel will offer the opportunity for users to customize their Ranges with Brass or Dark Copper dials and handle end caps furthering the brand’s commitment to provide users with the Beauty of Choice when it comes to aesthetic.

A stunning showpiece in any kitchen, the Series 11 48” Professional Induction Range exudes craftsmanship in every detail. The design’s premium materials include premium grade stainless steel and high-quality glass for an ultra-sleek aesthetic. Beautifully weighted halo dials provide extra surface illumination while each oven cavity features incandescent lights and full extension telescopic racks. From its robust legs to its expansive, powerful cooktop, this Professional Style Range is built to last.

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Photo credit: Fisher & Paykel

Published: February 28, 2024
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