Federal Brace

The new Ashbury Corner Bracket supports kitchen countertop overhangs

Federal Brace has added a third release to its series of designer corner supports. The Ashbury Corner Bracket, with a sleek and subtle design, mimics the brand‘s Brunswick Countertop Support – creating a duo that can easily support both the standard kitchen countertop overhang along with the expansive overhang created at the junction of an L-shaped counter or island. Specifically built for situations in which support is both crucial and difficult to achieve, the Ashbury is an easy fit for L-shaped islands, bars or countertops, and can also be used in locations where a bar or shelving needs to be placed around a square post.

The Ashbury Corner Support’s unique and careful design features bent down-flanges, allowing the countertop to be continuous in spite of corners, and its construction of high-quality steel material means it remains strong and durable. This gusseted support has an ample carrying capacity of 500 lbs. and is available in both stainless steel, with a sleek brushed finish, and raw steel, which can be painted to match any cabinetry or decor. It comes in three sizes: 18, 21 and 24 in. for varying lengths of overhang.

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Posted in: Kitchen

Published: August 5, 2016
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