Electrolux unveils its latest laundry pair, a compact washer and dryer designed especially for city apartment living

The new laundry pair from Electrolux does not require ventilation and is the ideal solution for city-dwelling consumers who prefer a washer and dryer in their apartment but have only a small space to work with. The dryer does not require an outside vent, which answers the unmet need for consumers living in high-rise apartment buildings or with existing construction restrictions. The pair is the first of its size to feature Perfect Steam technology, which gently deep cleans clothes and provides stain removal for wool clothing. The highly efficient pair reduces energy consumption. In keeping with the consumer trend in single-family homes to move the washer and dryer closer to the kitchen, family bath or an upper floor level, the laundry pair provides the solution without needing to renovate.

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Posted in: Laundry

Published: July 20, 2015
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