Effe Logica Plus Indoor Spa

Twenty years after the very first Logica saw the light of day and 13 years after the launch of the Twin model, Effe is delighted to present Logica Plus, the latest evolution of the Logica collection and the culmination of the experience and creativity of Giovanna Talocci and Marco Pallotta.

Logica Plus is a high-tech indoor spa combining a sauna, Hammam and shower in a single space. The key word of the project is “conviviality,” a concept traditionally associated with the sauna and Turkish bath, which were invented as a way for people to relax and socialize. The idea of continuity between the two wellbeing experiences is the main attribute of the project, starting with the decision to divide the two spaces with a clear glass wall, a solution that visually links the two spaces and heightens the feeling of communication.

On the outside, a lightweight structure in sand-coloured aluminium wraps itself around and connects the two spaces, blending the different materials: for the Hammam ultra-thin grès porcelain and heat-treated aspen wood for the sauna, in keeping with tradition. The continuity between the two spaces is further accentuated by the benches set at the same height and the mirrored fascia which runs along the back wall, giving the space depth, thus making it feel larger than it actually is.

Logica Plus is available in different versions. In the S+H version, the shower is placed inside the Hammam space and a large front glass wall reveals every detail of the interior. In the SPA version, the shower is placed outside with either a wall of clear glass in front of it or a screen in slender vertical aspen wood slats, giving the bathers in the sauna and Hammam extra privacy. Logica Plus also comes in a smaller MID version with the shower placed inside, featuring the same functions and design of the other models.

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Photo credit: Effe

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Published: May 8, 2024
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