Corian and Zodiaq 2016 offerings include 16 new hues

DuPont Surfaces introduces its 2016 collection of nine deeper, richer colors of DuPont Corian and seven new colors of DuPont Zodiaq Quartz Surface for a palette of 16 hues. The colors are a range of blues, greens, browns, grays and whites that are inspired from the latest color trends from around the world. Six of the new colors were developed using patented Corian DeepColor Technology, which delivers greater depth of lustrous color, improves ease of fabrication and installation and reduces the scratch appearance by up to 50 percent. 

Each of the modern blues was created to acknowledge emerging desires for richer interpretations of blue, with the feel of “near-black.” The blue Corian and Zodiaq introductions include: Corian Deep Inkwell, Corian Deep Lapis, Corian Nightfall and Zodiaq Indigo Swirl. Representing life and growth, new earth tones that connect with nature include: Corian Deep Terrain, Corian Sand Storm, Zodiaq Evergreen, Zodiaq Mossy Oak and Zodiaq Provence. The new darker gray tones include: Corian Deep Cloud, Corian Deep Smoky Pearl, Corian Deep Titanium, Zodiaq Concrete Carrara and Zodiaq Onyx Carrara. Finally, the new whites are neither too warm, nor too cool, and include: Corian Modern White and Zodiaq Blue Carrara with blue veining on a white background.    

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Posted in: Bath Surfaces

Published: May 20, 2016
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