Duka Acqua 5000 New

A restyling in form and substance, the update reveals a new and elegant minimalism.

Duka‘s Acqua 5000 New answers the search for aesthetic purity combined with the essential criteria of innovation, practicality, attention to detail and personalization. A restyling in form and substance, the update reveals a new and elegant minimalism that is able to enhance the pure line of design and the refinement of the technique, as well as ensure the daily well-being.

Duka reinterprets the most iconic shower enclosure of its collection to transform it into an even more elegant and performing solution, making it capable of filling the space and characterizing it thanks to its clean and essential lines.

In its two versions, with or without wall profiles, Acqua 5000 New is renewed in terms of aesthetics and technology, redesigning the flexibility of the bathroom and giving it a new functionality. Furnishing a bathroom or wellness area with a shower enclosure from the Acqua 5000 line means associating the concept of beauty with one of comfort, hygiene, reliability, durability, healthiness and performance.

In the new version of Acqua 5000, the Automatic Close & Stop system, which ensures excellent door mobility and easy closing right down to the last inch, avoiding knocks and possible damage, has been improved and inserted inside the horizontal sliding profile. Thus, the surfaces appear uniform from the outside. The height-adjustable ball-bearing rollers are also concealed in the horizontal profile so that they can slide easily and without friction. In the version with wall profiles, Acqua 5000 New features a compensation profile with micrometric adjustment: the glass is inserted into the profile and fixed with two adjustable screws that allow the glass to be adjusted up to 25 mm without affecting the outer appearance of the shower enclosure.

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Many elements and components of the Acqua 5000 New are directly bonded to the glass by means of UV adhesive technology, which eliminates the need for screws and ensures high resistance of the glass. The smooth inner surface, with no raised components or obstacles, makes the shower enclosure easy to care for and clean, enhancing its aesthetics.  The new seal system offers maximum protection and discretion. A thin aluminum profile, which contains the PVC seal inside, is applied without protruding on the lower edge of the glass, minimizing the possible deposit of dirt. As the water runs primarily down the aluminum profile, the lifespan of the PVC seal is thus considerably longer. The PVC seal can be easily removed, cleaned and reinserted. Accompanying the new drip tray is the new anti-flood profile, which offers better protection against splashing water.

Acqua 5000 New confirms the absence of any glass overlap between the fixed and sliding sides. The magnetic aluminum profile ensures that the door closes perfectly. acqua 5000 new is equipped with a technically advanced and practical swivel-release mechanism, allowing easy and better cleaning of the glass surfaces.

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